Does the rental car include insurance or can I add insurance?

1. The rent is covered by the following insurance coverage:
A. Third Party Liability Insurance: The maximum insurance amount is NT$2 million per person for injury, NT$4 million for damage per accident, and NT$500,000 for property damage per accident.
B. Driver Injury Insurance: The insurance amount is NT$3 million.
C. Passenger Liability Insurance: The insurance amount is NT$3 million per person (except for the overloaded part).
D. Car body damage insurance: In the event of a car damage but not a total loss, the maximum deductible amount is NT$10,000; in the event of a total loss of the vehicle, the lessee shall compensate 10% of the current value of the vehicle, and the premium car payment will be based on Specifications for each model shall prevail.
E. Auto theft loss insurance, Party B only pays the difference between the market price and the insurance compensation amount (excluding parts and accessories theft loss insurance).
2. Budget does not provide additional insurance for all-insurance. You can choose to purchase the peace of mind reduction plan, which can reduce the deductible and operating loss fees.
3. In the event of an accident or vehicle damage, a report form must be submitted for insurance application. If there is no report form, the insurance payment cannot be applied.