How to reserve a car? How to pay rent?

1. You can make an appointment directly through the Budget Taiwan official website.
2. Or please contact Budget customer service hotline at 02 6620 6660, or email your reservation needs to reservation@budget.com.tw, and Budget service staff will assist you in making the reservation.
3. After making an appointment, you need to pay the deposit or full payment first. After the payment is successful, the order is officially established.

Is there an off-site car drop-off service? How to make an appointment?

1. Advance reservation is required and is provided according to the vehicle reservation status.
2. The off-site car drop-off service is provided by region. Vehicles at the western service station can be picked up and dropped off between the western stations, and vehicles at the eastern service station can be picked up and returned between the eastern stations.
3. Neihu, Nangang, Shilin, Taichung Jianguo and other four stations do not provide off-site return service.
4. The official website of Budget Taiwan only provides reservations for pick-up and return at the same site. To reserve a car drop-off service, please contact Budget customer service hotline. Budget service staff will assist you in making reservations at +886 2 6620 6660, or email your reservation needs to reservation@budgt.com.tw

Are additional accessories such as navigation, safety seats, dash cams available?

1. Budget can provide GPS navigation, safety seats, booster pads and other accessories for rent on a daily basis.
2. In order to protect the privacy of the lessee, the driving recorder must be carried by the lessee, and Budget does not provide this accessory for rent.

How to calculate the lease period, how to distinguish between weekdays and holidays?

1. 24 hours from the scheduled pick-up time is one day, and the overtime fee is calculated at 1/10 of the car group's price per hour. If the overtime is more than 6 hours, it will be charged as one day.
2. Definition of weekdays: Monday to Thursday, definition of holidays: Friday to Sunday, national holidays and the day before them.

Is there a mileage limit on the rental car? How is the fuel bill calculated?

1. There is no mileage limit for the car during the rental period.
2. The rental fee does not include the fuel fee. During the rental period, if the vehicle is equipped with a fuel card to refuel at the designated gas station, the fuel fee will be calculated according to the "mileage billing standard".
3. The mileage billing standard is determined by the company's quarterly announcement. 

Why did I get an unidentified payment after the rental car ended and the car has been returned for a long time, how can I check?

1. If the parking fee is not paid or a violation ticket is generated during the rental process, Budget will deduct the payment according to the credit card authorization form filled in during the rental. The deduction fee is subject to administrative processing fees.
2. On the day of the deduction, a deduction notice and related documents will be sent by email; please check the email registered when you rented a car.
3. The deduction time varies according to the processing time of each regional government. Budget will deduct and charge after receiving the notification from the government unit.
4. Or please contact Budget customer service hotline at +886 2 6620 6660, or Email to reservation@budget.com.tw, Budget service staff will assist in clarifying.