Rental Notice


Certifications Required

1. Passport  

2. Valid driving license

3. Valid International driver’s permit (INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT) issued in the same country.

4. Credit card (Visa/Mastercard/AE)(Debit card is unacceptable), The validity period must more than 6 months.

According to the principles of equality and reciprocity, foreigners holding valid international driver’s licenses issued by a counterpart nation may legally drive vehicles for up to the first 30 days of your stay in Taiwan. After 30 days, you are required to extend the period for up to one year.

Budget would preserve the rights to release car or not. 

Budget stations business hours:8:30am ~ 20:30pm. Vehicles shall be picked up and returned during business hours at the rental locations.


Rental Rate/ Daily mileage limitation& Rental Expense


Mileage limits

No Mileage limits.


To protect your rights, in times of vehicle collision or theft or accidents:






Fuel Policy